Nicotinamide powder

Nicotinamide powder

Other NameNiacinamide


Cas No.98-92-0

Molecular FormulaC6H6N2O

Molecular Weight122.13

Test MethodHPLC

AppearanceWhite Powder



Nicotinamide is a watersoluble vitamin, The product is white crystalline powder, odorless or nearly odorless, bitter in taste,freely soluble in water or ethanol, dissolvable in glycerin.Nicotinamide is easy to absorb oral, and can be widely distributed in the body, the excess metabolites or prototype quickly expel from urine. Nicotinamide is part of coenzyme I and coenzyme II, plays the role of hydrogen delivery in biological oxidation respiratory chain, can promote biological oxidation processes and tissue metabolism, maintain normal tissue (especially the skin, digestive tract and nervous system) integrity has an important role.In addition, nicotinamide has prevention and treatment of heart block, sinus node function and anti-fast experimental arrhythmias, nicotinamide can significantly improve the heart rate and atrioventricular block caused by verapamil.


Main Function:

1. Niacinamide can be used to whiten skin.

2. Niacinamide can act on the skin to resist aging and deep lock water.

3. Nicotinamide can prevent rough skin and stomatitis and glossitis.

4. Niacinamide is an essential nutrient for mammals.



1.Feed additive:

a. Prevent skin lesions and digestive tract diseases.

b.Promote the growth of livestock and poultry, increase the egg production and hatching rate, and ensure the feathers are well developed.

c.Treat mucosal inflammation and ulcers.

d.Prevent short bone disease in livestock and poultry.

If the livestock lacks nicotinamide, it will cause: skin changes in the birds, feather reduction and dermatitis; pigs will have

hair loss and dermatitis. Inflammation of the mouth, tongue and esophagus, such as black tongue. Digestive disorders, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and reduced food intake. Nervous system disorders, muscle spasms and paralysis. Posterior ankle joint hypertrophy (especially poultry) and short bones.


2. Medicines and food additives

a.Prevention and treatment of skin lesions and digestive tract diseases such as: pellagra, dermatitis, black tongue disease, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

b.Promote the metabolism of substances and energy in the body and promote the normal growth and development of the human body.

c.Used in combination with other drugs to treat various mucosal inflammations and ulcers.

d.Strong vasodilating effect, improve blood supply function in the body, and have certain curative effect on cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia.

e.Supplements niacin and nicotinamide deficiency caused by long-term use of isonicotinic acid and its analogues.


3. Cosmetic additives

Nicotinamide is used in the basic cream system of cosmetics in an amount of 2%, which can achieve whitening and anti-wrinkle effects. Nicotinamide is used in hair care products to stimulate hair follicles, improve blood circulation of hair follicles, and prevent hair loss.In addition, since nicotinamide has the function of dilating blood vessels, it can also be used in products for dark circles.

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