Rice Protein Powder 50%-85%

Rice Protein Powder 50%-85%

Grade: food grade

CAS NO: 9000-70-8



Rice protein powder is originated from deep processing of rice, it has good product characteristics, it has been one of the most important source of protein in people's diet,and is considered to be the most ideal plant protein so far. it contains all the amino acids that the body needs but cannot synthesize itself, itis a complete protein,low-fat.cholesterol-free, and is a low-sensitivity protein with a high nutritional value.


Main Function:

1.Excellent control of heavy metal and micro


3.Ease of digestibility

4.Completely natural protein among all cereal grains

5.Well-balanced amino acid profile

6.Gluten and lactose-free

7.High biological value


Application :

1.Allergen-friendly Formulations

2.Baked Goods-gluten-free products, cereals, pastas, bars (protein, weight control, snack, energy)

3.Beverages-smoothies, powdered drink mixes, dairy


5.Cosmetics-oil free facial products

6.Dietetic-weight control

7.Nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals-therapeutics, detox products

8.Protein substitution-soy, whey, wheat, casein, animal proteins

9.Sports nutrition-bars, beverages, protein supplements, body building formulas in conjunction with or as a replacement for whey and soy

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