Chickpea Protein 75%

Chickpea Protein 75%

Appearance:Light Yellow Fine Powder

Mesh:95% pass 80mesh



Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo or ceci beans, in dishes as varied as hummus, curries and falafel. They not only provide nutrients such as dietary fiber and potassium but are also good sources of protein. Because they are low in saturated fat and are cholesterol-free, you can regularly include garbanzo beans as heart-healthy meat substitutes.


Main Function:

1.Chickpea Protein prevention of chronic diseases Reasonable nutrition diet can prevent some diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

2.Chickpea Protein has health benefits and can lower cholesterol.

3.Chickpea Protein is recognized as the leader in gluten protein, which is rich in essential amino acids


Application :

1.Applied in healthcare products.

2.Applied in functional food field.

3.Applied in food supplement field.

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