Nattokinase Enzymes 5000FU/g-20000FU/g


Source: Natto Extract
Form: Yellow-white Powder
Part: Seed
Specification: Nattokinase 5000FU/G,12000FU/G,20000FU/
Extraction type: Solvent extraction


Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted and purified from a Japanese food called Natto. Natto is a food made from fermented soybeans that has been eaten in Japan for many years. Natto is produced by fermentation by adding the bacterium Bacillus natto, a beneficial bacteria, to boiled soybeans. 

Nattokinase is a powerful proteolytic enzyme that has both fibrinolytic and anti-inflammatory health benefits. It is best known for its astounding fibrinolytic (anti-clotting) capacities.

Perhaps its most supported use is in the area of cardiovascular health, where it helps to restore healthy fibrin metabolism and reduce blood clotting, thus making it an extremely powerful, all-natural enzymatic support which may aid in the prevention of both heart disease and stroke. Nattokinase has also been scientifically proven to offer relief from joint inflammation.



1.Nattokinase remains active in the body for 8 to 12 hours. It not only dissolves existing blood clots,but prevents blood coagulation as well and may be a valuable precautionary measure in the prevention of deep vein thrombosis (DVT),which is associated increasingly with long-haul travel. However, research has yet to confirm this. In addition to its anti-clotting factors, Nattokinase has been found toreduce blood pressure. It contains substances that inhibit a naturally-occurring enzyme that causes blood vessels to narrow and blood pressure to rise.

2.Nattokinase is one of several enzymes related to your circulation. Fibrin,the enzyme that causes blood clotting, is usually broken down by another enzyme,plasmin, which aids normal platelet aggregation and circulation.But plasmin production declines with age. Nattokinase helps by facilitating blood flow the same way plasmin does, and also supports your body's natural production of plasmin.


1. Pharmaceutical as capsules or pills;
2. Functional food as capsules or pills;
3. Water-soluble beverages;
4. Health products as capsules or pills.

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