Haematococcus pluvialis extract Astaxanthin Powder

Haematococcus pluvialis extract 

Astaxanthin Powder 1%-5%;

Astaxanthin oil 5%,10%.

Latin Name:Haematococcus Pluvialis L.

Part Used:Whole Plant


Main Function:

1. Astaxanthin Oil Can Help Relieve Pain and Inflammation

Astaxanthin is a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. More than that, astaxanthin reduces the inflammatory compounds that drive many chronic diseases. Astaxanthin can help reduce pain and inflammation in tendons, joints and muscles.

2. Astaxanthin Oil Helps Fight Fatigue

Pure natural astaxanthin is indicated for recovery of muscles, better endurance, enhanced strength and improved energy levels.

3. Astaxanthin Oil Supports Eye Health

Clinical trials have shown that astaxanthin helps diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, eye strain and fatigue and seeing in fine detail.

4. Astaxanthin Oil Cleans Up the Cells

Astaxanthin is exceptionally powerful in singlet-oxygen quenching. 


Application :
1.Astaxanthin has the good function of antineoplastic;

2.Astaxanthin is used as food additives for pigment and health care;

3.Astaxanthin has the good function of antioxidant and anti-aging;

4.Astaxanthin is used as animal feed additive to impart coloration, including farm-raised salmon and egg yolks.

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