BlackTea Extract Theaflavin 10%-40%

Black Tea Extract

Specification: Theaflavin 10%-40%

Latin Name:Camellia sinensis L.

Part Used:Leaf


Main Function:

1. Delaying senility;

2. Inhibiting cardiovascular diseasea and resisting viral bacteria;

3. Tea has the effect of reducing fat and helping digestion;

4. Prevent arteriosclerosis, anti-cancer and anti- radiation;

5. Refreshing, relieve stress, reduce blood pressure and get healthy and youthful skin;

6. Protecting teeth and improving eyesight.


Application :

1. Foodstuffs:Moon cake, biscuits, melon seeds, noodles, chocolate, cakes, bread, jelly, candy, dumplings, noodles.

2. Beverages:Ice cream, milk, yogurt, milk tea, ice cream, compound tea, tea capsules and so on.

3. Cosmetics:Mask, powder, soap, shampoo and so on.

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