Natural Ingredients of Beverages

Dec. 07, 2019


1.Instant black tea powder---Used as Beverages and Drinkgs

a. Adjusts blood lipid extraordinarily. On one hand, it can reduce high blood lipids, blood serum cholesterol, triglyceride and content of low- density lipoprotein 

    cholesterol. On the other hand, it can enhance high-density lipoprotein cholesterol;

b. Protects injured animals from heart myocytes and brain damage;

c. Reduce the damage from free radicals;

d. Expand the arteries;

e. Associated with beneficial changes in blood levels of triglycerides and body weight.

2.Dragon Fruit Powder---Used as Beverages and Drinkgs

a. Full of Vitamin C for Whitening skin

b. Lose weight as higher water-soluble fiber

c. Dispel internal heavy metal,detoxifcation

d. Improve body immunity, protect eyesight

e. Lower cholesterol, anti-cancer

f.  Antiaging, Antioxidation

g. Relieve cough, asthma

h. Prevention of astriction,anti-tumour

3.Barley Grass juice powder---Used as Beverages and Drinkgs

a. Improve immunity and delay aging

b. Help in blood purification and may boost blood circulation

c. Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer

d. Act as an energy Booster

e. Aid in skin and hair nourishment

f. Enhance the cell vitality

g. Maintain healthy weight, Loss weight

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