N-Acetyl-DL-methionine Methionamine



Molecular Formula:C7H13NO3S

Molecular Weight:191.24

CAS Registry Number:1115-47-5


Melting point:117-119 ºC



N-acetyl-L-methionine is nutritionally and metabolically equivalent to L-methionine. Methionine is a dietary indispensable amino acid required for normal growth and development of humans, other mammals, and avian species. In addition to being a substrate for protein synthesis, it is an intermediate in transmethylation reactions, serving as the major methyl group donor in vivo, including the methyl groups for DNA and RNA intermediates.


Main Function:

1.N-acetyl-DL-methionine, long known as an antioxidant with potential anti-cancer activity.

2.Lower one'sblood sugar level, suppress the appetite, lower blood pressure, and reduce levels of visceral fat.

3.Test results showed N-acetyl-DL-methionine had more than double the rate of oxygen radical absorbance capability when compared to Factory Price N-acetyl-DL-methionine and grape seed extracts.

4.Act as an effective painkiller especially for migraine medications.

5.Reduce the risk of diabetes.

6.Help with muscle fatigue for athletes and bodybuilders.

7.N-acetyl-DL-methionine has biological effects in the small intestine that alter patterns of glucose uptake.



N-acetyl-DL-methionine is the raw material of synthetic hormones, is to maintain the life of the main material. It is also an important raw material for synthetic medicine. It is used as a food additive in the food industry, as an additive in the feed industry, and is also widely used in biological pesticides.

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